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Since our founding in 1861, Charles Krug Winery continues to make significant contributions to winemaking techniques. From our early days when Charles Krug used a cider press to make wine to Peter Mondavi Sr.'s groundbreaking cold fermentation research, we continuously strive to improve our approach to winemaking, ensuring each bottle of wine we craft meets our standards of unparalleled quality.

photo: Olaf Beckmann


Experience Matters

Charles Krug introduces the cider press as a more efficient method of winemaking.


The Beginning

Charles Krug establishes his eponymous winery in Napa Valley.


Forward Thinking

Charles Krug produces some of California's first varietal-labeled wines.


Creating a Community

Charles Krug establishes the St. Helena Viticultural Association as a forum to share winemaking techniques and best practices.


An Original

Charles Krug builds the first public tasting and sales room in California.


Forward Thinking

Peter Mondavi Sr. graduates from Stanford University and pursues post-graduate studies in Chemistry at UC Berkeley, where he conducts cutting-edge experiments with cold fermentation.


A New Era

The Cesare Mondavi family purchases the 147-acre Charles Krug Winery, and the first cold-fermentation room in California is added.


Cold Fermentation

Research continues with the use of cold fermentation for off-dry white wines, pioneered by Peter Mondavi Sr. from his studies at UC Berkeley.


Napa Valley Technical Group

Brothers Robert and Peter Mondavi Sr. were among the founding members of the Napa Valley Technical Group. Formed to share knowledge and information with fellow vintners, it was the origin of what is today known as the Napa Valley Vintners.

That same year, Charles Krug Winery was among the first California wineries to promote vintage-dated varietal wines.


French Oak

Charles Krug is the first Napa Valley winery to import French oak barrels to age wines.

photo: Rocco Ceselin



Sustainable farming practices are adopted in our family's vineyards.


Replanting Completed

$25.6 million vineyard improvement program is completed, nearly 10 years after it began, resulting in 74% of family-owned vineyards planted to red Bordeaux varietals.



Charles Krug Family Reserve Barrel Room and Carriage House restoration completed.


Continual Improvements

Charles Krug Winery goes 'live' with 4,000+ solar panels, generating up to 1,000 kilowatts of power per hour.

Peter Mondavi Sr. at his 99th birthday celebration hosted by his family in the Redwood Cellar


A Legend Celebrated

Charles Krug Winery's historic Redwood Cellar renovation, by famed architect Howard Backen of Backen, Gillam & Kroeger, was completed in time to celebrate Peter Mondavi Sr.'s 99th birthday.

Peter Mondavi Sr. awarded the "American Wine Legend" Wine Star by Wine Enthusiast magazine.